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Flora Nordica started as a research project at the Bergius foundation (belonging to the Royal Swedish Academy of Science); from 2004, the project has no permanent funding.

Project committee

Policy decisions, funding etc. Committee members represent the botanical society in the Nordic countries.

Bengt Jonsell (Sweden)
Henrik Ærenlund Pedersen (Denmark)
Pertti UotilaRaino Lampinen (Finland)
Eythór Einarsson (Iceland)
Reidar Elven & Heidi Solstad (Norway)
Arne Anderberg & Thomas Karlsson (Sweden)


Editorial group

Up to 2009, the office in Stockholm handled project administration (including technical editing, book production & distribution, and web). There is now no staff or office, but the project is still coordinated from Stockholm / Uppsala.

Bengt Jonsell, professor Bergianus emeritus, Sweden (project initiator, author and family editor)
Thomas Karlsson, former curator at the Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden (author and editor)
Arne Anderberg, professor at the Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden


National reviewers

Responsible for checking that names (geographical names, vernacular names) and distribution data (both maps and texts) are OK for all countries.

Eythór Einarsson, Museum of Natural History, Reykjavík, Iceland & Hörður Kristinsson, Inst. of Natural History, Akureyri.
Anna Maria Fosaa, Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands
Klaus Høiland, Biological Institute, University of Oslo, Norway
Raino Lampinen, Botanical Museum, University of Helsinki, Finland
Henrik Ærenlund Pedersen & Per Hartvig, Botanical Museum, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Other reviewers

Several province florists are among the regular Flora Nordica reviewers, checking that distribution and ecology data given are accurate for their area.
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