B: basal rosettes (x 1/2)C: stem node x 2.5B: winter bud x 1/2D: cauline leaves x 1A: habit x 1/3H: flower x 1G: buds x 1F: upper stem part x 2.5J: apical part of capsule x 2.5M: sepals x 2.5E: upper leaves x 1K: style x 1L: petal x 1Epilobium parviflorum
Epilobium parviflorum
Relative size is given.
A: habit (x 1/3)
B: basal rosettes (x 1/2)
C: stem node and stem part with other type of indumentum (x 2.5)
D: cauline leaves (x 1)
E: upper leaves (x 1)
F: upper stem part with leaves (x 2.5)
G: buds (x 1)
H: flower (x 1)
J: apical parts of capsules (x 2.5)
K: style (x 1)
L: petal (x 1)
M: sepals (x 2.5)

Drawn by Alf Oredsson from material in herb LD for Bot. Notiser 128. Reprinted with permission.